Spring Shoes Every Man Should Own

Spring Shoes Every Man Should Own

March 14, 2019

With the days getting longer and the air getting warmer, it means it’s time to retire the winter boots and bring out the spring shoes. The key to building the perfect wardrobe is starting off with the essentials. For men, this requires certain spring shoes. Those spring shoes are suede penny loafers, a classic white leather sneaker, light colored leather oxford, a boat style shoe and a fly knit sneaker. If you’re really feeling up for it, it wouldn’t hurt to own a few high-fashion sneakers, which can easily be dressed up or down. For those that don’t already have these in your closet it’s time to add them to the collection.

1. Penny Loafer

In the spring, a penny loafer can be worn to work, out to a nice dinner, a casual wedding… the options are endless and they instantly elevate your look! Light neutrals are you best bet when looking for a penny loafer to wear in the warmer months. Both suede and leather penny loafers are great options and definitely a closet essential.

2. White Leather Sneaker

If you don’t already own a white leather sneaker, you’re doing something wrong. They are chic, comfortable and can be worn so many different ways. There’s the classic jeans, t-shirt and white leather sneaker look that will likely be in style for years to come! They can also be paired with khakis/twill pants for when you’re trying to dress up a bit more. And when you’re really feeling casual you can pair with shorts and a tee. The great part about a white leather sneaker is that you get the comfort of a sneaker that is elevated by the sleek design and leather material.

3. Light Colored Leather Oxford

There is no doubt that every man owns a black leather oxford, as they can be worn to work, with suits, or even khakis. But, when the temperatures start to rise, moving away from an all black shoes is the move. That is why owning a light-colored leather oxford is perfect to have on hand in the spring/summer months.

4. Boat Shoe

A boat shoe is a great spring shoe for when you can dress casually. They are easy to throw on and go and are a great option for places that don’t allow sneakers. They come in a number of different colors, but a neutral is always a better option so that it can match with many different items in your closet.

5. Knit Sneaker

Take note, a knit sneaker is a great essential, but should not be worn as an everyday shoe and should be saved more for the weekends. They are comfortable, can be worn for long periods of time, and still do look nice. It is not recommended that you wear a knit sneaker out but for running errands or even a casual Sunday brunch, this shoe will do the trick!

**Bonus: High-Fashion Sneakers

If you’re really feeling in the mood to shop, then definitely consider high-fashion and on-trend sneakers. These are not closet essentials but they are very cool pairs of shoes to have in your closet and while they might be expensive, most of the time they can also be dressed up.