Men's Suits - Who's Wearing Them Best?

Men's Suits - Who's Wearing Them Best?

August 17, 2020

Guest Post By: Adriana Nikolova


Some time ago, we posted a piece on how guys should update their summer suits. The piece went up in 2013, and yet a lot of the advice it contained has proven to be evergreen - as have some of the examples of stylish celebrities demonstrating the suggestions. The likes of Robert Pattinson and Chris Pine have remained near the top of any reasonable list of stylish celebrities, and continue to show men everywhere the best ways to wear a suit for any occasion.

Even if things haven’t changed that much though, it’s good or any fashion outlet to put forth a few suit-related tips for men now and then. So here, rather than looking at a particular season or set of styles, we’re recommending a few more celebrities for guys to keep an eye on if they want to emulate suited-up perfection!

Idris Elba will not be the next James Bond, but he dominated casting rumors for the better part of five years. And let’s just say people don’t start talking about you for “next Bond” unless you can wear a suit with the best of them. We’ve seen Elba in various styles over the years, but he continually demonstrates the importance of perfect tailoring, as well as the value of a personal touch, or a bit of inventiveness. Ultimately, he’s the best kind of celebrity style role model, in that we always love looking at him, but we also typically can’t wait to see what sort of look he’ll come up with next.

Henry Golding

Henry Golding burst onto most fans’ radar with his starring role in the film Crazy Rich Asians, in which he played the wealthy, well-dressed, reluctant heir to a real estate empire. Golding was suave enough in this film to earn his own “next Bond” buzz, and in fact joined Elba on Huffpost’s list of the best-dressed men of 2018. Not many men are wearing suits better these days, and Golding is also one to watch for men who prefer the no-tie look.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is such a style aficionado he tends to inject the interest into his roles (most notably in the silly but lovable Crazy, Stupid, Love. He makes bold choices now and then, whether it be a maroon tuxedo at the Oscars or opting for no tie while fully buttoned. But he seems to pull off whatever he tries, and is ultimately an exhibition in pure, suit-sporting confidence most men could learn a thing or two from.

David Beckham

Not all good examples come from the acting world. Former soccer star David Beckham has belonged on lists like these pretty much since he became famous. He was a style icon during his playing days, and has continued to be an admirable dresser with an impeccable eye for his own look. Whether he’s endorsing a product, showing up for a Wimbledon final, or spotted around Miami preparing to launch his own MLS franchise, Beckham always looks the part of global fashion icon.

Villanova Basketball Coach Jay Wright

Jay Wright is another example from beyond Hollywood. He’s actually the head coach for the Villanova University men’s basketball program, which has been one of the best in the last several years. Villanova isn’t among college basketball’s betting favorites for the coming season currently, but Wright has elevated the program to a level at which it’s always in the mix - which has meant more of a spotlight on himself. And through his rise to prominence, Wright has been a walking catalogue of power suits. He’’s about as famous for how he dresses as how well he coaches college basketball at this point - and with good reason.

Chadwick Boseman

A lot of men might look to Chadwick Boseman, particularly at red carpet appearances, and think, well, he looks good, but I couldn’t pull that off. But it’s not about what you can and can’t do, or what specific look you can emulate, so much as it is about the little things you can pick up even from a more unusual suit ensemble. Boseman rarely seems to show up in a straightforward suit or tux, and has at times (most notably during Black Panther’s run) dressed to suit the theme of his most recent film. But he always looks great even if his outfit is unorthodox, making him an interesting study for men who want to shake things up.

Gabriel Macht

Gabriel Macht is an actor, but in this case we’re actually talking primarily about his best-known fictional character: Harvey Specter, the high-powered lawyer at the center of the show Suits. That show title, for those who aren’t familiar, is essentially a double meaning, covering lawsuits in a show about a major New York law firm, but also speaking to the stunning wardrobe the show has showcased over the years. Macht-as-Specter has been the best-dressed man on TV for about a decade now, to the point that there are style tip articles based on the character. Granted, it’s expensive to look like Specter, but men should still take note!