Men’s Spring Fashion Trends

Men’s Spring Fashion Trends

March 20, 2019

Spring is finally coming and that means it’s time to put away the coats and sweaters and figure out what you should be wearing this season! This year’s trends are fun and fresh and are saying goodbye to the classic tie. Pocket squares are in! Bucket hats are in! Rock a tailored jean rather than a khaki pant. Throw on leather sneakers to complete any look. Fashion this season is customizable and not too crazy that any man will feel comfortable and look on-trend without even trying to hard.

First, let’s talk pocket squares. They are fashionable, functional and make you look very sophisticated. Ties are old school, hard to tie correctly and always get in the way! Pocket squares also used to be a hassle as they can be hard to fold, but now with Well Suited NYC, simply grab it and slip it right into your pocket and be on your way. Well Suited NYC pocket squares come in multiple colors and patterns with two different folded looks. Nothing has ever been easier and better looking!

Pair that pocket square with a blazer and fitted jeans in a nice dark wash. This is really the ultimate look for work or dinner. Think a navy blue blazer, white button down, Well Suited pocket square and loafers or white leather sneakers, dependent upon where you are going. It’s simple to put together yet makes you look like you really are put-together. It’s important though that the jeans fit you well, meaning they aren’t baggy or old and are tailored to fit your body. You may not think to take your jeans to get tailored, but jeans that are too long or fit oddly in certain places can really ruin an outfit.
Light JeansDark Jeans
If you are off to a more casual dinner than white sneakers can complete the look. Sneakers are no longer just for the gym, with fashion sneakers being all the rage. A clean pair of white leather sneakers are comfortable, easy and can be worn with a number of different looks. Pair with a polo and khakis, jeans and a t-shirt, maybe even a suit for a beach wedding. The options really are endless, as long as you are going somewhere that allows sneakers!
White SneakersWhite Sneakers
Lastly comes the bucket hat! No, these aren’t just for dads at the beach anymore. Now you can rock a bucket hat all day into the night. Straight from the 90's, bucket hats are about to be your new favorite fashion accessory. You can pair one with jeans and a t-shirt, or if you have a more upscale commitment, throw one on with you suit to really make a statement. Keep your head free from the sun and your fashion high this spring!

Bucket HatBucket Hat