How to Wear a Pre-folded Pocket Square for Holidays

How to Wear a Pre-folded Pocket Square for Holidays

October 31, 2017

As holiday season is fast approaching, women can never get enough from holiday shopping. But for men, especially if you’re plodding away day and night and have no time to shop around for yourself, the problem is how to spend every penny wisely to get your holiday look elevated. Well, here is a little trick: wearing a pocket square can easily bring your holiday look into a whole new level. More importantly, this little pocket square is pre-folded.

What is a Pre-folded Pocket Square

As you may know, a pocket square is a square piece of fabric that gets folded up in different ways and put into your top suit pocket as a decoration. The pre-folded pocket square is an upgraded version of the traditional pocket square. Since it has already been folded, you just need to choose the right color and pattern that goes well with your outfit, and put it into your top jacket pocket! As simple as that, without getting intimidated at how to fold a traditional pocket appropriately, or watching a “How to Fold Your Pocket Square” video for an hour, you will save a bunch of time with a pre-folded pocket square.

How to Wear a Pre-folded Pocket Square for Holidays

Wearing a tie throughout the whole holiday season seems too boring and is out of style.If you want a more formal look, it’s the time the pre-folded square pocket plays its role.  Pairing a pocket square with the tie not only adds decency to your whole look, but also makes you stand out among all the other men in the room. However, picking the right color and pattern really matters.

Matching your tie and your square pocket is a no-no for modern styles, but it’s not a bad idea to pair them within the same color palette. If you’re wearing a red tie, the color of your pocket square could be a shade lighter than your tie, like the light pink square pocket shown above. Adding a little bit redness can also brighten your whole outfit, and provides you a more festive look for holiday season.

The fashion director of Neiman Marcus store, Nick Wooster shows us another example of matching the blue chambray tie with a blue and white striped pocket square. Here the purpose of the pocket square is to harmonize with your other accessories.

However, if the pocket square has a unique feature, such as vibrant colors, electric prints, or it’s made of a textured material like a jacquard fabric, then you should make it the focal point of your look. Especially for holiday season, it’s time to play “the bolder the better” game by simply clashing your square pocket with the rest of your outfit.